Makita 2012NB Thicknesser

  • Easy adjustment for a precise and uniform finish. AMPS: 15
  • Fine adjustment of the depth
  • Large material capacity
  • Pressure system down when feeding materials, stops the sniping of wood
  • Planning width 304 mm
  • Planning depth 3 mm <150 mm wide. 1.5 mm> 150 mm
Product Description
MAKITA 2012NB Thickness 240V
- Fast flow at 8.5 meters per minute
- Unique feed mechanism ensures a smoother finish with a minimum of snipe
- Precise depth adjustment with one large wheel.
- 4-post design and cross supports for added stability

What's in the box:

- Keys
- Magnet holder

- Planing width: 304mm
- Planing depth: 3 mm Less than 150 mm wide, 1.5 mm More than 150 mm wide
- Feed rate: 8.5m / min
- Speed without load: 8500 rpm
- Input power: 1650w
- Net weight: 28.1 kg

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Makita 2012NB Thickness Planer
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Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser, 220 V, 1650 W, 304 mm
Updated: 2020-10-20 09:03:24
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Makita 2012NB Thicknesser
Blade Replacemant Makita 2012NB  Planer
Blade Replacemant Makita 2012NB Planer
This how I replace or flip the blades on a Makita 2012NB Planer using rare earth magnets to hold the blade. I bought this planer used and did not have the tools ...
Обзор рейсмуса Makita 2012NB. Review of Makita 2012NB thicknesser.
Обзор рейсмуса Makita 2012NB. Review of Makita 2012NB thicknesser.
Cómo Usar El Cepillo De Banco
Cómo Usar El Cepillo De Banco
Aquí un video mostrando el uso y aplicaciones del cepillo de banco. Modelo usado: Makita 2012nb Salut!