King Gates Modus Kit 280 LT (Swing Gate Kit)

  • Suitable for swing doors weighing up to 300 kg and 2.8 m in length per leaf
  • Automatic programming by pressing a button.
  • Integrated obstacle detection, sensitivity adjustable from 0.1 to 3 seconds to avoid any accident
  • Additional programmable safety input for safety edges or photocells
  • Programmable slowdown of 15% of the travel time in opening and closing to avoid unnecessary noise
Product Description
Made in Italy, the cradle of door automation, the Modus 280 LT kit is an elegant and modern system. It is powered by a 24-volt transformer and can carry up to 300 kg in weight and 2.8 m in length. The Modus Articulating Arm Kit is the ideal choice for installation on new or existing doors due to the wide range of position settings. The system is very easy to program thanks to its automatic program function. The Modus 280 has many innovative features, including an open and...
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King Gates Modus Kit 280 LT (Swing Gate Kit)
King Gates
Modus Kit 280 LT
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