Changing Sofas Jumbo Cord Fold Out Sofa Bed Chair (Black)

  • 【THE BEST FUTON Z BED MATTRESS】 With our ergonomically designed Z Bed chair, you can relax for hours in comfort. Our Z twin bed mattress conforms to your body, adding extra support while you watch TV, spend time with family, or just sit back.
  • 【DIMENSIONS AND MATERIAL】 As a sofa - Width 112cm, Depth 73cm, Height 40cm, Seat height 25cm. As a bed - Width 112cm, Length 160cm, Height 12cm. The Z bed material is 100% polyester (jumbo cord) and the filling is 100% polyester fiber.
  • 【STYLISH AND CONVENIENT】 The Portable Futon Z Folding Bed is designed with a jumbo cord look that will compliment homes in any environment. It is incredibly practical with its folding mechanisms allowing the user to use it as a mattress or sofa, ideal when guests are coming.
  • 【UK SOURCED FILLING】 We source our flame retardant polyester fiber from the UK and fill the Z kids bed to...
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Changing Sofas Jumbo Cord Fold Out Sofa Bed Chair
Updated: 2022-04-30 14:30:09
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Jumbo Cord Z Bed Double Size Fold Out Chairbed Sofa Seat Foam Guest Futon Chair
Updated: 2022-04-30 14:29:44
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Changing Sofas Jumbo Cord Fold Out Sofa Bed Chair (Black)
Changing Sofas